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Monday, 4 April 2016

smiling and gardening on a spring day

It's been so long since I've been able to get out in the sunshine to do some gardening, and it was such a joy to do just that this weekend.

It wasn't hot, a mere 14 degrees Celsius, but I cannot tell you how good it feels to have the sun on your face, while doing some digging and weeding.

 It's an instant tonic to be able to wander around the garden  and see the daffodils, paper white in the light....

and to watch the pale blue flowers of the pulmonaria unfold. They do well here, on the right hand side of my garden, in claggy clay soil shaded by next door's one hundred year old oak tree. They may be pretty but I'm not keen on their common name..lungwort.

This glowing  clump of dironicums  are an instant boost in spring, their buttery yellow blooms are so cheery, they make me smile. Or are they dironicums? I think they are. My friend Edna from a village about twelve miles away kindly dug up a small clump for me on a visit to her garden about five years ago. I do remember her telling me to divide them in September time...which I need to do this year.

I love their common name.though ..leopards bane.

I smiled as I saw the shadows of the strands of  holly trail over the old brick wall which divides our garden from the old chapel

Further along it was good to glimpse the periwinkle flowers peeping from the laurel hedge.

On the other side of the garden, on the left of the cottage are lots of bluebells which have amassed , the flowers haven't yet come out but I'm going to have to move them later because these pretty as a picture pink plants were here before them.

Of course I wasn't alone in the garden, the gang of three kept me company. It was good for them to race around in the sunshine . I didn't manage to get a photograph of Winnie, my grand dog who was staying for the weekend - she couldn't sit still. Boo had wandered in for a nap on Winnie's snuggly blanket in the kitchen, but wherever I was working, Eric was sitting beside me, chewing on a tennis ball.

When it was time to sit down for a breather , they all joined me though - on the bench beside the kitchen door with one sitting each side of me and one on my lap. I had smudges of  dirt on my face and scratches on my hands, but as I looked out into the garden, I couldn't help but think... "Isn't life grand!"  

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