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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Days on death row

I love gardening in the sunshine. I was at the allotment this morning wearing sunglasses and weeding away around the leeks as the church bells started their Sunday song .

I'd planned to do much more but although it was a beautifully sunny day, it was a bit nippy and the soil felt cold against my fingers. I'd forgotten my gardening gloves , so instead I took down the canes supporting this year's borlotti beans.

I came back home and after a quick cup of coffee, I brought in these

some herb cuttings I potted up a few months back. Applemint, spearmint and rosemary just in case this really cold winter we've been promised kills off the rest in the herb patch.

I'm nervous of bringing them though...usually bringing in a potted herb plant,house plants or anything similar to put on the window sill is like condemning them to death row .
It's as if I give them the bloody kiss of death just bringing them in through the kitchen door It shouldn't be - they're looked after, fed , watered but do they appreciate such good treatment? Obviously not.....

There's been one exception this year..and that's a Waitrose basil plant.I bought him in March for £1.79 , have cut and snipped away ever since,and he's only just given up the ghost.I can't believe it - usually any supermarket herb I buy dies within days.

So why has this one lived way past the sell by date? Who knows- but he's been the best value basil plant ever. Yes the plant is a he...he had to be.Sharing my kitchen for so many months ,I named him - BB (for Best Basil)

But now,BB has gone to that great compost heap in the sky ,I've been back to the same supermarket and bought a replacement.

I'm hoping that this new plant will be as long lived as BB as there's lots of tomatoes which have ripened and need eating up.Basil and tomatoes - an award winning combination,and I've got a few delicious standbys I want to make .

Let's just hope the basil doesn't die first.....

And this post's track has to be Eric Clapton -Let it grow. You can all join in singing the chorus.....go on, you know you want to -for Basil.


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