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Sunday, 13 May 2012

dog days

I'm a patient sort of person in all areas of life..I'm prepared to wait for something special, and I'm never been one who wants instant gratification.

Just as well really, because I've been waiting for another dog for three years. It's three years since Molly, my last working cocker spaniel died. Now she was a dog and a half. Funny, beautiful, loyal and a joy to be with, she was loved by our whole family.

She arrived as a tiny eight week old puppy and during her time with us she became  a mum and a grandmother. We kept one - Paddy, from her litter of six, and then Paddy gave birth to a solitary pup called Fizz.

It was great having three generations altogether. We hardly had to train Fizz...she was kept in line by the others, and to watch their relationships with each other as a family unit was a privilege.

Some dog owners I know have rushed out to buy and new dog immediately when theirs has died -to cover that awful gaping hole in their lives. My first instinct was to do just that, but Mr thinking of the days didn't agree.He felt we should wait.So we did. Wait and wait. I've said I'm patient, but three years is a very long time. Too long.

It was when I went to Australia back in March  I realised how big that gaping hole still was for me. I stayed with my friends Leigh and Andre  the first nine days in Perth. What lovely, good friends and great  hospitality .And what adorable dogs they have.

Bijou the Bulldog and Turner...

Staying there for nine days..I really relished their company. Bijou is slobbery,as subtle as a brick, and as graceful as a two ton truck. Turner is playful and intelligent., and they're both such affectionate dogs.They both gave me such a welcome every morning when I woke up and when I came back to the house. It felt good, and made me see just how much I did miss having a dog around.

Anyway the upshot is, Mr Thinking of the days has finally come around to the idea of having another canine companion....and on Friday we went to see a litter of puppies about three miles away.They're Patterdale cross border terriers, and there were five of them running around on a farm with their Mum , Dinky. Four girls, one boy , and all taken except for one

 Look, here she is.....I've called her Boo.

Here she is again.....

She's seven weeks old, and quieter than some of her sisters and brother....isn't she cute?

We're going to pick up Boo next Friday, and to say I'm excited is an understatement. Roll on Friday!

So what about a music track? I was thinking of Dog by Damien Rice, but then I remembered seeing this video a while back. I defy you to watch this dry eyed.

The music is courtesy of Queen, and it features videos of dogs welcoming their owners back from military deployment.


  1. I can't wait to see Boo! He's adorable. I know exactly what you mean about that gaping hole but I just couldn't ever do it again. I shall be Aunty to Boo instead. There is one tiny problem. Are you sure you want to stand in the middle of the park and shout "Boo!"

  2. Bridget, that's wonderful news - congratulations! Patterdale's are really bright little characterful dogs, so I think you've made an excellent choice. Ah, happy puppy days ahead - widdles ont he floor, chewed chair legs, but who cares a .....?! Enjoy!

  3. Aunty Ros! Well you can come and make a fuss of Boo anytime.You realsie I may be distracted on friday morning to say the least!

    Becca......Glad you like her....can't wait until you see her!

  4. Pippa.....yes, I think she's bright too. As for the widdles already stocking up on newspapers, and all of our furniture has teeth marks on from the other three!

  5. How lovely she is - and no doubt she'll bring plenty of stories and pictures for you blog! We're all looking forward to that.

  6. How exciting. Boo is simply beautiful. I wish you many happy years together.

    I thought the soundtrack was going to be You and Me and a Dog Named Boo. (Always loved that song.) :)