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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day of firsts....

The last  three weeks with Boo, our new puppy have been magical. She's melted hearts, changed our lives and is the most soppiest , affectionate dog you ever did see.

But with all the family around for the Jubilee celebrations including Mama - my mum, our daughter , her boyfriend,our eldest son, and our nephew,  Boo has had lots of fun and lots of fuss. Since they've been gone though, she's been a bit of  a madam, demanding attention and getting quite nazzy when she doesn't have it.

She needs to get out, and now it's virtually a week after last injection, she's had her first day out today.

I've taken her on a couple of short car rides to the village down the hill. So far Boo hasn't been happy in the car, and today was no exception....
Look at that face.....oh so cute but saying can I sit on your knee while you drive?

But there was a surprise for her at the bottom of the hill.I was taking her to see her sister called Pepper, who was bought by friends of ours. Tina also has a border terrier called Billie....and we all went for a walk to the field where Tina keeps her horse.

It was the first time Boo has walked on a lead properly. I've been trying in the garden but she wasn't impressed. Parking her little bottom firmly on the grass , she kept refusing to move and trying to bite the lead. But with her sister and Billie leading the way, she trotted along like an old pro.....

Then there was the field where we let the girls off their leads, and Boo and Pepper set to fighting for about half an hour. They didn't draw breath, trying to establish just who the more dominant.

Look, here's Pepper....apart from the flash of white on her chest , are'nt they alike?

And when they both got too rough, Billie kept them both in check.  Then it was time for a treat..(Boo is on the right) and  time to get back.

I put Boo in the car, and before I had even switched the engine on, she was curled up nearly asleep

She was cream crackered.....and strangely enough , so was I.....

But when we got home, it was only 6.30pm. I fancied a track to wake me up. A real belter and a blast from the past. from Bell X1. Such a brilliant Irish band who I last saw in Birmingham  about six years ago.
It perked me up a treat...and while I was singing the lyrics at the top of my voice, Boo slept and gently snored....

What tracks are the ones to wake you you up - and make you sing out loud?


  1. Oh she is just so gorgeous ,I love it when you put the lead on for a walk for the first time and they sit and don't move, so cute. Funny I've just done a post about music. Anything I know the words to get me going as I sing along at the top of my voice much to my husband's discomfort.

    1. Oh, good Anne, because I'm in love.....!

      As for your singing, surely it can't be that bad?I used to sing in a band int he old days...but wouldn't dream of it now.Mind you I love singing in the car...really belt the songs out....obviously not at red traffic lights though!

  2. BBC journalist!!? Most soppiest!!? Remember soppy, soppier, soppiest?

  3. hello anonymous whoever you are.....yes I do remember! I was caught up in the moment of describing the soppiest dog ever.....

  4. She's so adorable. I can't wait to get over there and give her a cuddle!!!

    When I need waking up I sometimes sing Bat out of Hell but I did pull a muscle in my neck singing it once so I have to be careful these days.