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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Social life of a dog days......

My dog has a better social life than me at the moment....granted, it's a slower pace of life, but then she doesn't have to go out to work.

Boo is now four months old now and a really sociable little soul. She loves to go out to meet other other dogs...even though she's never met them before..

.and even though they're bigger than her....

Her new best friend is Roxy (occasionally known as Poxy Roxy when she comes to defecate on our lawn) who lives next door.....

Roxy is a Staffordshire Bull terrier who thinks she is working cocker spaniel, but who has a body builder's shoulders. She also has jaws which could snap my arm in half if she chose to, but she's as soft as butter.

Boo loves going out to see Roxy, and they really are funny to watch....mind you Boo has learnt to be respectful, mind her ps and qs...and then everything in the garden is lovely.

But Boo's other close friend also lives in the village...and I've never seen such a close friendship between a goat and a puppy before.

Boo adores Billy, and Billy seems to know we're on our way.He whizzes upto the gate, puts his head down, so that I can scratch that spot between his horns....and he simply adores Boo licking the top of his head.

Boo's evening walk is similar to an Italian passegiata...she strolls around the village graciously allowing everyone to stroke her, and then she forgets to put an act and tries furiously to jump into everyone's arms for a cuddle.

Her favourite walk lies beyond the gate about  a hundred feet from our cottage. Across the fields, on what used to be the main road to London.......well, I am talking in mediaeval times!

Her other favourite walk is the mile long walk to the next the fields
where there is a pub we can sit outside to chat to other dogs and's my eldest son marching purposefully to the pub on Sunday.....

Every day brings a new meaning now that Boo is in our lives....and  who'd have thought that Boo and I would be best friends with a goat?

But for Boo, every day is a new adventure...what's next?

She's out walking with my husband at the moment....I wonder where they've got to?

Today's track is Take a Walk by Passion, love , love


  1. Oh joy - a day in the life of a puppy! Isn's she lovely!

    1. Thanks Jo...well, obviously I think she is absolutely gorgeous! ANdshe does have a lovely little life....

  2. She's adorable but I still haven't met her!!!

  3. She is so cute and so are the photos with the goat.They would make a good children's story. Love the fields you have to walk in, gorgeous.

  4. thanks're right about the story! As for the fiels..yes we are so lucky...adn i appreciate them every day....

    1. I was just thinking,a few year back I wrote a children's story about a goat who wanted to be treated like a dog.Your goat and dog photo made me think of it.

    2. I'd love to see the story Anne....