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Saturday, 8 September 2012

A day of sunshine and a tear

Watching a rugby match when the temperatures are in the late 20's doesn't seem right. I'm not complaining though...far from it...

It was glorious this afternoon in the sunshine having an ice cold drink with Frankie and Sally as we watched the guys run themselves ragged  round the pitch.

But there's something about heat and rugby which seems out of kilter here in the Northern Hemisphere. For decades, I've been used to wearing layer upon layer of clothes, looking like a michelin man as I've supported both my sons as they played.

I've shouted myself hoarse in the biting winds, the freezing cold, the lashing rain....stamped my feet to keep warm and and watched my fingers go blue in grounds all over the UK and Europe watching my sons today, it seemed odd.

And strange too to be fighting back a tear or two on such a beautiful day....but I was. My eldest son wasn't playing today....he's now the backs coach for all the teams in his local club.

He's not playing because within the last four months he's had two operations on his knee. He's had bone grafted from his tibia, muscle from his hamstring to fashion a new cruciate ligament. It's the second time he's had this operation.

It's three weeks since the last operation and so he's still limping, but this week he's managing without crutches.

He's walking, but he won't be able to play rugby again...if he does, he could be in a wheelchair in ten years time. It's hit my son hard. He's loved the game since he was eight years's taken him around the world playing to quite a high level. But not now.

I was there when the incident happened in November - there's more here

 I also wondered how that player is enjoying his new rugby season ,and if he's changed his method of play from last year.

So that's why there was a tear or two today....not for me, for my son,  while I watched him with pride as he urged his team on - from the sidelines.

He's had quite a few knocks over the last few years, not just on the rugby pitch either - and this is the song he sings ,as he faces the next challenge...

It's "That's Life "by Frank Sinatra.....


  1. I hope he soon comes to terms with the new limitations that his body has placed upon him. It's great that he's able to pass on his experiences to others through the coaching. We never stop shedding tears for our children, do we!

  2. How sad for your son because of someone else's actions. I can understand why you would shed a tear we always want everything to be perfect for our children. I love that song always brings a tear to my eye.