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Friday, 19 October 2012

the birth day of this blog

Was it really a year ago I tentatively dipped a toe in the blogging waters?

Yes! And what a year it's been ...with thousands of hits on the blog, hundreds of comments, virtual friendships  made with other bloggers from all over the world,  and quite frankly my dears, I've had a blast!

Here's the very first post

I had no plan of what I would write....just documenting the world around me...things, people and places that interested me whether at home or at work.

One thing I did know was that I had to have music in every post...because , if this blog is a reflection of my world and thoughts...then you would have to listen to the soundtrack of my world too!

Working in radio, I write every day as part of my job and concentrate on sound, the interviews , the background noises, the atmosphere through listening.

But through writing this blog, I've learnt how to think visually too....and from being a complete ignoramus when it comes to taking photographs, I've become confident and enjoy snapping away on my i phone.

My most arty shot was unintentional though - i fell over!

Writing this blog has given me wonderful reminders of very special days at home and further away...

The most popular blog posts have been about the Chelsea Flower Show, one of my favourite bookshops, the University of Leicester Botanic Garden, and posts from Australia .Mind you with posts of  pictures like this...

no wonder everyone liked vignettes from the land of sunshine back in a windswept , rain sodden English March.

Looking back at posts over the last year , I realise just how much I value the simple things in lying in the garden with my dog Boo on a sunshiny day

So what's new for the blog  over the next year? Well more of the same, and many of you have told  me you like the tracks on every's always good to share favourite tracks  don't you think?
I'll be doing some more travel posts too........but what would YOU like to see more of ?

Anyway, it's Friday ...I'm off to the pub for the weekly ritual of having a few glasses of wine with my favourite people , but in the meantime , I'll leave you with one of the best artists who I've loved since I was twelve years old....the one and only, the wonderful..... Jimmi Hendrix and "Happy Birthday"  


  1. Good music choice... :-) Strange how blogs evolve isn't it? Like you I really love taking pictures to go with my posts. Blogging is a wonderful pastime, and you meet the nicest people...

    Congratulations on your first year.

    1. Thanks Maria...and you're do meet the nicest people! I've found other blogs too in the last year which I adore - in short it's been such a fantastic year. ANd so pleased you liked Hendrix!

  2. WOOOOO! Happy Blog Birthday! xx

  3. Happy birthday! I am still a bit new to the blogosphere, but already I have learnt so much and met such lovely, supportive and well-informed people. I agree with your comments about how looking back on past posts tells us a great deal about ourselves - what an eye-opener!

    Wishing you many more happy years of blogging!

    1. Thank you Gardening shoe! I've been on your blog too....and you've been really busy too! It's alovely friendly blogsophere isn't it?

  4. Happy blog birthday. Everytime I come to your blog I hum Thinking of The Days to myself and wondered if it was a song then I read your first post on the link and realised it was a Kinks song and it all came back to me. I too have started taking lots of photos for my blog and getting quite arty. It's amazing the amount of people you feel you "know" through blogging.

  5. Hi Anne.....yes, when I started the blog, I didn'ty jsut want to focus on food and wine or gardening....although I love them all!Each day is diffferent after all...adn then I thought of the song...and I love the that was that!

    I've noticed that you're taking more photos too....!

  6. A BRAND NEW site for Garden Blogs

    Please join up! - You will be one of the first.

  7. Don't know where else to contact you - I've tagged you on my blog today, one of these chain-bloggy thingies. Please don't feel you need to pass it on, I just wanted to include you as I love your blog!

    1. Oh thank you Jo...that's really chuffed!!!!I love reading yours too.....

      Right, I will have to ponder on who to pass it on to!