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Friday, 8 March 2013

Mad March days

What a difference a year makes....this time I was in Perth, Western Australia. Long hot days by the beaches staying with my youngest son, who was in his second year there.

It was a wonderful month.While he worked I would go to my favourite beaches...


and Coogee..

I would dream, write, watch the waves, watch people and swim. Being able to walk into the water without squealing in shock , without every single part of of my body erupting into goosebumps - the end of an Australian summer is a joy.

I'm on holiday again for a few weeks. Staycationing? Well, that's too grand a term for it.....I'm staying at home....resting and relaxing. Or so I thought.

The first few days the sun shone and it was bright...actually bright, and warm enough to take off my jacket as I worked in the garden.  But March isn't a marvellous month here weatherwise...and the last few days have been grey...with today being particularly misty...more like November.

 Boo and I went for a walk in the nearby countryside dodging the puddles and mud ....

It's hard to believe that these were taken a few hours ago  - at two o'clock in the afternoon.

I couldn't help comparing and contrasting....this month with this time last year. And this time three years ago...when I was also in Western Australia with my daughter

And six years ago when I was with my eldest son too.....

Yes, I'm getting itchy feet....and yes Australia, I'm addicted to you. You're an expensive habit though ....I don't think I'll be seeing you this year .

In the meantime I need to see some sunshine....but I'm not holding my breath this weekend.There's an amber warning for snow,frosts or heavy rain....

Happy Holidays!

Today's track is from a band I managed to see in Freo last year at the Fremantle Arts Centre. I was on my own on a baking hot Sunday afternoon...I saw that the Stillsons were playing in the Courtyard there.
The stage was shaded .the audience moved around to avoid the sun , sitting under
 the trees and drinking ice cold beers to stay cool.

A lovely, laid back afternoon watching them play... vocals and gorgoues guitar work from Justin Bernasconi , Cat Canteri on drums and backing vocals with some beautiful pedal steel guitar from Ben Franz.  This is one of my favourite tracks  of theirs ...



  1. It couldn't be more different a holiday, could it. The mist today was really fog and now they've forecast snow. Oh well, you can catch up on the 'to be read' pile of books. Enjoy!

  2. Oh yes, two very different types of holiday! ANd yes, am reading! The weather yesterday completely threw was like November!