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Sunday, 13 October 2013

The day I drove the happy accident to her new home....

There's a new addition to our family.....and even though she wasn't exactly planned , she's absolutely adorable.

Her name is Winnie and she's eight weeks old. She's a dog, not a case you were wondering.

My eldest son and his gorgeous girlfriend moved into a cottage in the country a few months ago, and were desperate to buy a new puppy. They came across Winnie, and that was it, they fell in love with her.

Today was the day to pick her up...unfortunately my son's girlfriend was in the Cotswolds earlier, so I got the chance to help bring her to her new home.

Here she is in the car...

Isn't she cute? Now, you may be wondering what breed of dog Winnie is...and I wouldn't blame you. And thereby hangs a tale.....I shall call it the tale of the happy accident.

Winnie's mother Roxy is a scruffy terrier of dubious heritage. There's obviously some patterdale in her , but what else, I haven't a clue. Border terrier perhaps? Anyway, she's black and grey in colour, and when I say scruffy...I mean it, her wiry fur stands up as if she's been plugged into an electrical socket and she has a tail like a bristly brush. A loo brush. Having said she's quite dainty, if a little forward if you get my drift.

About seventeen weeks ago , Roxy's owners went on holiday for a few weeks, and parents were drafted in to look after her. Well they did, but Roxy was in season...and in a moment of lust, madness, call it what you will, she escaped into next door's garden. In the garden was a randy cocker spaniel who couldn't look this gift horse in the mouth. A female in season coming to call...well ,he wasn't going to say "No" was he?

The result was Winnie, her brother and two sisters...none of whom look alike ,although they do look like spaniels. Scruffy spaniels...

Here she is with her new owner....

Winnie is mainly black, with brown paws and a few white flashes,  but when I first saw her from behind, I thought she'd sat in a bowl of porridge. Her bottom is a fawn colour , a round fawn shape, which if you had a bow and arrow , would make an excellent target.Very unusual, but I have to say she's the sweetest little puppy, very affectionate and playful.

Here she is with me - have a closer look at her....her face, not her bottom!

Winnie has already melted my heart...indeed, she really is a happy accident who will bring so much joy to my son and his girlfriend. And if she's not a pedigree dog, who cares? We certainly don't - we love her for who she is.

The only one who might be slightly wary, and even sharp with this little bundle of loveliness is my dog Boo, who is sitting next to me here at the computer, as if butter wouldn't  melt in her mouth......

She's very protective of me and may be slightly territorial or snappy when this little whippersnapper comes to call. When I came home this afternoon, she knew that I'd been holding another dog. She sniffed, she cried, and looked at me as if I was a traitor. But Boo is going to have to get used to Winnie, because she's coming for a sleepover in two weeks time. I'll let you know how they get on.....

Today's track is a song I had swirling around in my head this afternoon thinking about our happy little accident and how if Roxy hadn't have snuck into next door's garden, Winnie wouldn't be here...

It's by  Counting Crows , one of my favourite bands back in the nineties and it's called "Accidentally in Love".



  1. She's a sweety ... and Winnie is an excellent name for a dog!!

    1. she is Pippa! And yes, how could I forget your of the most well mannered dogs I've met...with such a pretty face.....I hope you and her are both well?

  2. Ah she's gorgeous and she has the spanial ears. The best dog I ever had was a little mixed breed,little of border collie and I don't know what else she was bought from a pet shop window and lived to be seventeen she was a darling. Your dog will probably be fine with pup if they are introduced early. When we had our mixed breed dog,Tess we eventaully bought a boxer pup when Tess was about 14 yr and she ignored the pup for two whole weeks,it was like "pup? what pup,I don't see a pup!) it was so funny but eventually she gave in and they became friends. Puppies are just so lovely.

    1. Thanks Anne....your dog sounded wonderful....and to live until 17! Boo and winnie met yesterday...I was at work...but by all accounts they had a whale of a time...and although Boo can be sharp with other dogs, she was playing away with Winnie as good as gold.Long may it continue....