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Monday, 11 November 2013

Days of Remembrance

A very last minute post today....

Remembrance Sunday has affected me more than usual this year. It's always been a time to remember all those who fought in wars and conflicts since the days of the First Word War, and I've very personal reasons to remember especially those who fought and fell in Flanders...

Being immersed in the  world of the First World war for the last six weeks now at work, I'm finding some wonderful stories of heroism, such poignant stories which have been making me cry, and other stories of duty and devotion that just you just couldn't make up.

Yesterday I went to Coalville for the memorial service there, and it was a beautiful morning with the sun shining brightly and a good turnout to honour those who have fought and died .

There were veterans from every conflict and war since the Second World War...

The Gurkas marched too....

The long procession made its way to the town's very tall memorial

And as we sang, red paper poppies cascaded through the sky from the very top

And the band played carefully and reverently as different groups lay their wreaths....

What was so humbling that I knew as we stood there and remembered, this scene was being played out in locations all around the country, Europe and the world we all remembered those who we loved and lost.


  1. I was at a ceremony today in Canada. Very moving. I almost didn't go, thought I'd watch the one on the telly. Felt ashamed I couldn't give up a few hours to pay tribute to people who had given their lives. So glad I went.

  2. I agree Susan, I'm so glad I went too, and it is so moving. This wasn't the biggest parade and service I've been to, but a very well organised one, with a real sense of community in a small old mining town.