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Thursday, 5 December 2013

A dark day....and night

It's been a wild and windy day here in the UK, with rain, sleet and snow up north, lots of flooding around our coastline and much damage which has caused the deaths of two people already.

A dark day......

This evening, after three mini power cuts of perhaps 20 seconds each, there was another, lasting a hour and a half. A very quiet, reflective time. as I sat on the sofa watching the flames of the candles and tea lights.

A dark evening.....

And then as the lights came back on, and power was restored, we heard about the death of Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

A very sad night indeed......

What a man, and what a legacy he has left.  I hope that his wisdom and his wish for peace,  reconciliation and working together  continue to shine brightly in his rainbow nation.



  1. It is very sad even though he was 95. People had almost expected him to live on forever, as indeed he will in many hearts. On a lighter note... or should that be darker... There have as yet been no power cuts here even though we're only a few miles away. Strange that.

  2. Yes, so sa..he really was remarkable.

    And yes, re the powercut...strange...but I live in the countryside on top of a windy hill....and the next village was hit too.....

    A very peaceful hour and a half though...