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Thursday, 11 September 2014

The day of the scan

So, this afternoon my dog Boo was taken to the vet. Following her exciting "date " with a rather handsome dog called Bow six weeks ago, we were sure she was expecting puppies. Oh yes, it was planned my dears....and all went very well. Instant attraction, even though rain nearly stopped play, as both dogs hate getting wet.  But never fear, they carried on regardless on the kitchen floor when we let them in. That was odd....Mr Thinking of the Days standing by the cooker making a chilli , also carrying on regardless with his culinary duties while Natalie who owns Bow, the father and I watched anxiously. The dogs, not Mr Thinking of the Days that is....

Anyhow, Boo's been a little delicate, was off her food for a few weeks but is now ravenously hungry. I know just how she feels.......I was exactly the same when expecting my three children. Luckily she hasn't had a craving for pineapple fritters from the chip shop or blackcurrant jam which I had with all three pregnancies .

No, Boo is fancying scrambled eggs or chicken, the sensible girl. Not that I'm allowing those every day, oh no.

Anyway, back to today....

Mr Thinking of the Days came to the vets too for Boo's scan...which I have to say, is more than he did for our three children. He didn't manage to get to three out of four of those.....

I our very nice vet Jackie popped Boo on the table and scanned her , and look...

There's at least three of the little darlings....and Jackie was reluctant to say exactly how many. There could be four, or possibly five if a couple were hiding, which is all rather lovely, and I have to say I felt ridiculously excited and quite emotional about it all.

We're obviously keeping one of them and my daughter is having another and I think they will all be spoken for with lovely new owners. Now we just need to know what sex they are....and think of a name for the one we will keep.

Today's track is from a French band called We are Evergreen, who are based here in London. They're quite quirky, and I bought their album some time ago on a whim. This is one of my favourite tracks called Summer Flings....and it makes me smile....just as I'm doing now thinking about Boo and her summer dalliance...



  1. Well don't necessarily believe vets and scans, Bridget! We had Dotsy's pregnant tummy scanned and were told that the kittens were likely to be born that week, but certainly within two, and that she could see three kittens but there might be more. I reckoned they'd be born three weeks after the scan, having observed the black tom and noted dates, and I was right about that ... and there were just two kittens, not the three that 'she could see'. But two little fat as butter sweeties, distinctive markings, one boy and one girl, and today they have opened their bright blue eyes for the first time. I was up most of one night for the births, one being born at 12.30am and the other at 3.30am, and then I was waiting for that third one .... But well worth it. Enjoy!

  2. Well Pippa, we shall have to wait and see! At least we know she has got pups....Winnie, Billy's dog is in the middle of a phantom pregnancy ....6 weeks into a phantom pregnancy! Congrats on the kittens though....x

  3. How lovely! Your dog is gorgeous and will make gorgeous puppies,

  4. Thanks Anne....yes we're looking forward to gorgeous puppies soon!