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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Puppy Days

Well, the last three weeks have passed in a blur...a blur in which our tiny new puppies

have grown and changed beyond recognition.

The two boys and one girl , who haven't been formally named yet, are lighting up my life as they learn new skills everyday.

Now their eyes are open and they can hear, they're discovering the world around them and their voices.....

Our little girl ,who is staying with us,  was a dainty little thing compared to her brothers

We don't know what her name is as yet. It's not that we haven't got any ideas....let's just say there's on going discussions and negotiations. I loved the idea of calling her "Tickety" ...well with a mum called Boo, it would have worked. Mr Thinking of the Days isn't convinced  and said so in no certain terms. Mind you, I'm not taken with his suggestion which is Fig. Yes, you read that correctly. I couldn't give a fig about that name to be honest. So, she will remain "Little girl" until a unilateral agreement can be reached....but she's beautiful , whatever her name will eventually be.

The boys are adorable too...

One will be named Rudi, but which one is yet to be determined. My daughter Lucy and her husband Harry are having one, but couldn't decide which one at only one week old. I think they were can you choose which one is the right one for you when they're deaf, blind, and can't move well?  Anyway , a visit is imminent to choose the right dog.

This one will be an escape artist....he' already trying to get out of the whelping  box....and very nearly made it.

Here's the other boy...

He's gorgeous too, and has the most delicious little growl.....

I love them all to bits....they are such snuggly puppies who love to be picked up and cuddled, and so far they have very placid natures. They are a real credit to Boo....

They are difficult to photograph though, and they don't look like their mother and father at all.....see for yourself...

Anyway, I took this video five days ago, when they were taking their first, drunken steps......and in  years to come, I will watch this, marvelling at how tiny they were, how absolutely gorgeous they were, and remembering these very special days with a box of puppies in the house.



  1. Oh joy, what lovely photos!! I like Tickety - though it would probably be shortened to Ticky, which is easy to call when she's disappeared into the undergrowth.

    1. Yes, I was quite prepared to shorten it to Ticky....still, we shall have to see!

  2. Yay! I love them! Ticky sounds as though she has ticks, though! 'Tricky', because she's tricky to name? Or, if you want to link her to Boo, how about Hoo? (Only joking).

  3. So pleased you like the photos Pippa! Mnn,....I don't think that this puppy of ours will ever get a name.....!

  4. Aaaaw! lovely. I go for Tickety myself.... except they do say that one should never come between husband and wife!!!