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Friday, 11 December 2015

A few days when it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas

Last year I had lost my Christmas mojo...that inner glow I get every December.
It  wasn't until a day of two Christmas carol services at two very different churches, that the true spirit of Christmas came flooding back.
But this year, the glow has returned earlier than last year I'm pleased to say!
It began two weeks ago, when I went to Anne -Louise's house one evening for a pre Christmas pop in to buy a few little bits and pieces. She is a floral designer and  has her own company, No 10-Flowers. She's so creative.....

Her displays in her kitchen not only looked beautiful, they smelt divine...with the scents of hyacinths, cinnamon and oranges all around

And there's something about mulled wine and mince pies which immediately conjure up Christmas, especially when it's the first mince pie of the season...

I bought some lovely home made gift tags and Christmas bunting and after deliberating about a wreath for the front door, I left there with a smile and a feeling that I had started Christmas.

I wrote most of the cards by the fire last weekend....

In Uppingham to record some interviews this week,  I smiled as I spied this lovely little Christmas display in a tiny wool shop - a woollen interpretation of the song "The twelve days of Christmas. "

And then yesterday I joined the others from our children's book group gang at Debbie's house

And there they are...left to right Alex Gutteridge, who's had 14 books published, Pippa Goodhart with a mighty, whopping total of 100 books published or in production,  Josephine Feeny, with 12 books to her credit, Ros Adam who's written four books and Debbie White who has published 12.

What a bright and clever bunch they are, and we had a super, bring and share lunch, with lots of laughter, books and publishing gossip, a chat about Christmas, exchanging Christmas cards and then plans for our meet ups and workshops in the New Year.


So there you have it, a few days which have made me feel I'm feeling Christmassy! There's my two favourite Carol concerts to go to on Sunday, and I'm even doing fairly well on the Christmas present buying front.That's not to say there won't be any last minute panic though.

As the little ones count how many sleep until Christmas, I'm counting my blessings. I'm spending the days over Christmas with those I love.  There'll be a house full, food and drinks, giggles, noise, long walks with all of the dogs and time spent relaxing.

And that's all I want for I'm in the mood.



  1. What lovely photos and a real sense of joy. Glad you're feeling more in the mood for Christmas this year. Have a happy one with those you love.

  2. I will Alex...and hope you have a lovely Christmas too!