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Monday, 4 January 2016

vinyl days

When my daughter and husband arrived home to celebrate Christmas, she brought with her one of her presents. It was this little beauty....

If there's one thing we like in this cottage , it's music. And when the family get together, there's always some  music, some dancing. And this year a new toy to play with.

So we went upstairs to where all my vinyl is stored and brought some albums and singles down to listen to

I oohed and aahed as different tracks were selected...."ooh, haven't heard this for ages.....aaah, do you remember this?"

Harry was delighted as he found albums he didn't know I had....

Albums that brought memories flooding back. Like the two Frank Zappa albums I bought on a rainy afternoon in downtown San Francisco, when I worked on a cruise ship. Hot Rats and Chunga's Revenge ..God, I loved them and played them incessantly. Years later and I was sitting with my son in law singing out loudly, and word for word to Willie the Pimp.

My Clapton albums, the Beatles, Earl Klugh, Santana, Hendrix, John Martyn, Ry Cooder,  all of Mr Thinking of the Days Motown albums, my classical music, folk songs...well, they all came out...and eventually two large boxes of albums were brought down.

What a joy it's meeting up with old friends  after a long time. There's something about vinyl. Not digitally perfect, but there's a unique sound about vinyl tracks....the slight hiss, a crackle, and a rawness.

And there was the fascination with the album covers. So much information about the artists, the photos,  my heroes and above all, the artwork. I used to sit and pore over those covers , and the words to the songs, which I learnt by heart.

My record player has been out of action for too long....I'm hoping to get it mended soon. So in the meantime, my  daughter has taken the boxes of vinyl , the soundtracks to my younger years,
back to her house to play to her heart's content.

But be warned my darling daughter, those albums are coming back home to where they love affair with vinyl has been rekindled.


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