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Monday, 14 March 2016

Days of running and raising money

Before you get excited thinking I'm running and fund raising, I'm not. I couldn't even run for a bus let alone a mile, half marathon or a full marathon. Just watching people run makes me feel prostrate with exhaustion.

The last time I ran was at my children's village school mother's day race. I disgraced myself. Within about ten paces I fell  - I'd ruptured my calf muscle. Ice , rest and elevation I was told. I tried but my youngest was only a toddler, it was difficult. Within four days I felt ill, my foot was so cold, and within half an hour of seeing the doctor I was in hospital. A huge haematoma in my calf was diagnosed. I couldn't drive for six weeks and had physio for five months. That my dears,  is why I don't run!

But my son Callum has been running since Christmas  and he's training for the London marathon. Not that he's ever done any long distance running before either.

He made up his mind last year to run in London next month , all 26.2 miles of it. That's why he's been pounding the country lanes and city streets before dawn, getting into shape.

I'm impressed by his determination and by the fact that he's running the race to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK. It's a cause very deep to all our hearts in our husband's mother and brother both died from this cruel and insidious disease.

 Callum's much loved Granny Beryl  was 76 years old, and David was only 59. They were both much loved and always remembered.

So, as well as training, Callum has to raise £2,500 for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Research. He's held a disco over Christmas, , and organised a slap up lunch at his rugby club in February which raised hundreds of pounds.

Here he is with Jenny, David's wife

Such a good afternoon followed by a cracking game of rugby.

So there's only six weeks to go until the London Marathon and Callum's training schedule is moving into its final phase. This weekend he ran his first ever event - the Silverstone Half Marathon. I'd never heard of it before , but this event at the home of British motor racing , attracted over 10,000 runners.

It was cold but sunny and it was mostly on the flat running lap along the racing track. What a great day and I was able to see Callum pass by four times.

By the time the race was half over I managed to meet up with Callum's girlfriend and her parents Ian and Ann Louise who were also there to support him , and we whooped and hollered as he came to the finishing line, in a respectable 1 hour 55 minute time.

I think it's safe to say he was cream crackered by the end....but was on a real high too...

And we were all very proud of him.

He wasn't the only one running for Pancreatic Cancer Uk of course , there were over thirty of them, all doing their bit and running in memory of someone close to them. At the London Marathon there will be 120 or so running for the charity amongst the  38,000 runners taking part.

It's going to be a blast and all our family will be there and we reckon Callum will have about 20 people cheering him on as he pounds through the streets of London. If you would like to sponsor him, here's the link.....

He, we and the team at Pancreatic Cancer UK would be so grateful. They're supporting those affected by the disease, investing in research, and  lobbying for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer. They say that for that for too long this disease has been sidelined.

London we come....

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