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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Cherry blossom days

When the cherry blossom is out, you know Spring is here. It's the law. Just the sight of the blossom fills me with joy and a sense that all will be well. The cherry trees are showing off their finery in towns, cities and gardens everywhere in April.
There's one tree though that means the world to me. It's fifteen steps from the back gate of the BBC studios where I work, and this week I keep nipping across to see it, touch it, stand underneath it and look up at the pink canopy of blossom set against a bright blue sky .
And if I focus slightly to my right, there's Leicester Cathedral in the background.

 Turning around, I love the way the blossom looks almost ethereal set against the silver grey and powder white  historic Guildhall.

 And then if I stand close up to the blossom, it's so easy to be completely overwhelmed by the pale pink perfection of the petals.
But the beauty of the blossom is so fleeting, you have to appreciate it while you can. There's something quite magical about seeing something so transient against a backdrop of buildings hundreds of years old.

I know it's officially Spring, but outside the sky is dark and large hailstones have been falling this evening. Will the cherry blossom still be there when I go back to work on Tuesday?


  1. I love the juxtaposition of long-lived and brief. I too wonder if it will survive this return to winter. Keep warm.

  2. Well it lost a lot of blossom at the bottom but the top branches still have some!