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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Days of weekend walks

Weekends are made for walking. Whether it's a casual walk around a village or town, or a romp or yomp with the dogs...I love my weekend walks .

Any time is a good time for a walk....I find exercise, fresh air, being completely in the moment, away from interruptions, is so beneficial. Then there's  something about the Autumn light and colours. A real shift from day to day.

Usually, there's Boo and Eric to accompany me on my walks. Once out of the village, we head for certain fields where I know can safely let them off the lead to run, to explore and sniff.

The fields full of stubble provide the perfect toning backdrop for Eric to pose

Boo however usually is too interested in everything else around her to stand still and look into a lens.


But most weekends , Winnie,  my son's dog joins us for a walk, and at the moment I 've been walking four dogs. Boo's other son Rudi has come for a three week stay while my daughter has been on holiday. Of course while she was here to drop him off, we went for our favourite walk....



 I love the contrast of colours....the green grass against the light brown stubble, then the richness of the dark brown earth

Boo, Eric, Winnie and Rudi walk so well on the lead, but even so it's good to have a little help. My friend Debbie has come for a walk with us twice now, and it's been so enjoyable.

Walking and talking , we've covered so much ground, in both senses. Planning our new joint project, life's  hopes , joys and problems...there's not many things that a walk and a talk can solve.

On every walk, nearing the village brings the sound of Phil the farmer on one of his machines, and  a wisp of wood smoke in the air which defines autumn days.....the smell of which brings winter ever closer.

As soon as we get home, no matter how many dogs have come with me for a walk, they all jump onto the wooden trunk, and sit patiently while I get the dog biscuits.  Then they settle in their beds for a rest, while I put the kettle on. By the time I sit down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in my hand, they're all asleep.

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