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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Groundhog days of Autumn

The groundhog days of Autumn have come.

Every morning I've been looking out of the bathroom window from my "loo with a view"to see what lies in store weather wise.

Virtually every morning has been misty

Each day the leaves have fallen...

We get a lot of leaves in our back the ash tree in the centre of our garden , and from the oak tree to our right, which drops its leaves..from the lime tree at the side of our cottage on the boundary wall, and from a row of lime trees belonging to the garden of the house opposite to our cottage, which fall directly outside .

Every day we've been collecting them, storing some for leaf mould, and bagging up the rest....every morning there's more to pick up.

 Thankfully, our ash tree has now shed all of its leaves, but the oak leaves are still dropping shedding as are the limes opposite.

The logs must be brought in too before dusk.

At that bewitching time, caught between light and darkness, it's time to light the fire

And tomorrow, it all starts again.....

I'm not complaining, I like this annual ritual. Then again, I have to confess that Mr Thinking of the Days has done 60 to 70 per cent of the work!

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