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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Stealing the Monday moments

Monday is usually my day's the day of the week when I like to catch up with tasks, do some writing, and relish the quietness before the rest of the week comes hurtling towards me.

Stealing a moment of calm if you like. It's important to me at any time of the year, but in the frenetic build up to Christmas with parties, carol concerts and other celebrations, not to mention present buying, those moments are even more precious.

Last Monday was a lovely sunny day and I was busy in the garden taking advantage of the sunshine during the morning. Mid afternoon though I went out to my favourite bookshop about four miles away to buy a birthday present.

There was that happy feeling as I found  just the right book and drove home up the hills and across the flat parkland.

I stopped as I reached the cattle grids to take a photo

I stopped again a minute later, got out of the car again to take another, standing to drink in the pink washed skies at the beginning of sunset.

I drove further along....


A stolen few moments alone, hearing only the odd bleat or two from some distant sheep.

Such a magical quarter of an hour which I would have missed if I had gone out earlier.

I love watching dusk creep up, but it's not always as beautiful as last Monday. When it's raining or really cold, it's my favourite time in winter to sit quietly in the sitting room catching up listening to serials and programmes on BBC Radio 4 or 4Extra.

Today I went out at about half past three but already so dark, to post the second tranche of Christmas cards to friends far away in the Victorian village post box, and to hand deliver the cards for village friends.

I took Boo and Eric with me, and as we made our way through latched gates and grand iron gates, crunched up the gravel paths to others, it was lovely to catch a glimpse of Christmas in the wreaths on the doors and  Christmas lights through the window panes.

 The warmth of the kitchen as we came home was lovely after the damp darkness outdoors. And what could be nicer than to relax on the sofa in the lamplight, with the dogs, staring into space and listening to the current episode of the Charles Paris Mystery by Simon Brett featuring the amazing Bill Nighy?

To many, it may sound boring, but for me, I do love my moments of simplicity on Mondays. When do you get your moments like that I wonder?


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