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Sunday, 11 February 2018

February days

Yesterday was cold and dank, with a high windchill factor. I left the village early to do my weekly shop at the bakers and the supermarket. I dashed home with car heater on high and windscreen wipers banging to and fro fiercely as the rain lashed down.

I couldn't get warm all day, and when I climbed the stairs to bed last night, hot water bottle in my hand, there was such a gale a howling and growling around the cottage, I couldn't get to sleep. My bones ached and I wished for spring, summer and sunshine, before giving myself a talking to. After all those days will come and life's too short to wish time away.

At least it was sunny this morning as I walked the dogs, Boo, Eric and Winnie, although the biting wind inspired us to walk just that little bit faster. Before going inside though, I had a quick walk around the garden in the sunshine to check for wind damage.

None fortunately, but I noticed the dusky pink hellebore at the side of the house has not come up this year after eighteen years of long and loyal service. I swore. The purity, beautyand hardiness of all the snowdrops at this, the grimmest time of the year, made me feel thankful though.


The pot on the table in the courtyard filled with iris reticulata was a welcome sight too....such a vivid splash of colour before the tete a tete daffodils open, followed by the bluebells.

Meanwhile it was lovely to see the crab apple beginning to blossom , a sign that spring will come.

Sometimes it 's the little things that change your mood. I came into the house feeling much more cheerful, until the hailstorm, with the hail hitting the sitting room windowpanes like bullets. Then came the sleet....

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