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Friday, 28 September 2018

Autumnal days

On Sunday it was the Autumn Equinox...that magical time of year when the Sun positions itself directly over our Earth's Equator. The first day of autumn, and I found myself walking on a crunchy carpet of acorns which had fallen on the right hand side of our lawn from the aged oak tree next door.

As I walked the dogs around the village they started to sniff at the ground under the horse chestnut trees.....and I espied conkers. It's years since my boys played with conkers, but they brought back happy memories of the boys coming home with pockets full of them.

We'd always put a few on the side table in the kitchen, and I couldn't resist doing that again this mini version of the junior school's nature table! Besides, I don't want too many daddy long legs coming into the cottage - they love thatched roof cottages .

I also put on the table a huge pine cone which I was given earlier this year when I recorded a programme at the wonderful Kilworth Conifers in South Leicestershire .

The signals of Autumn are definitely here - such as wearing  pairs of socks for the first time in months and putting on black opaque tights for work. Also, all the lamps are being lit just after seven after viewing the beautiful sunsets this week from the garden.
An extra quilt has been thrown on our bed as the nights are distinctly chillier and the chimney sweep needs to be booked. I'm preparing mounds of apples for storing and freezing, and I'll be making  apple mint jelly in the next few weeks.
I do love Autumn , making the most of the most of the light, and watching with delight the Virginia creeper starting to show off ,before  getting ready to hunker down for the  for my least  favourite season in the year. Yes, Winter, you know who you are....
Every year, I  breathe a sigh of giddy relief when the Spring Equinox finally arrives in late March, but this year, I am really looking forward to it.
That's because something very special is happening at that time, apart from the nights getting lighter, the weather becoming warmer and the world springing into new life.
My daughter is going to be having a baby at the time of the equinox!
She runs a company called little old goose, designing chalkboards and signs and running hand lettering workshops. To say I am thrilled for her and her hairy husband is an understatement. To say I'm excited, bowled over and totally over the moon is another one.
We have all been wishing and hoping for this news for a long time, but things often don't go according to plan. This baby may be making an appearance much later than anyone hoped for, but the sheer joy of meeting this little one, this first much longed for grandchild will be carrying me through the dark days of the coming winter.

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