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Monday, 12 December 2011

Days of saying hello and goodbye

He came, he partied , he left....a week ago.

Yes, the boy who came home at the beginning of November has now gone back to the land he loves- Australia. By working three months on farms, he's got his second year visa.

It seemed such a short visit, but boy, did he pack alot into four weeks.The bunting came out


the first Friday night.his brother, sister and sister's boyfriend. came home,we sat down for a large meal,  drank lots, laughed lots, and danced in the kitchen to Motown, Foster the people and more Motown tracks.For some reason his big brother ended up at one stage wearing a garish hawaiian shirt and a hat, and the boy a bear suit....

Their sister is far more restrained and usually keeps her clothes on....

The four weeks has gone so fast in a flurry of his friends popping into see him, the fridge being constantly ram raided and putting out industrial quantities of budweiser bottles outside for recycling...and so many hugs and chats.

Not seeing him for a year was hard...welcoming him back was wonderful, and saying good bye a week ago today wasn't easy.For any of we had a final Friday session in the kitchen...all back for more music, more food and laughs.

Now all the gang have gone back to their other lives and it's rather quiet at home. Very quiet.Even in the kitchen . In fact, it's been rather a week in more ways than I imagined  so I've cheered myself up by keeping busy. And playing more music - loudly!

Today's track? Well it has to be Foster the people 's "Call it want you want" Great song which is my favourite on the album ....and I'm thinking of  the boy back in Oz who also loves this band.....


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  1. It's so hard when they become real grown-ups and take on the world. One of my daughters was in Venezuela for 4 years - and even had a baby over there - so I know how hard it is. They days they are home are so precious, and they feel so far away when they've gone.

    You can only console yourself by knowing what a great job you've done, bringing up a boy who brings such joy to his world.