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Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas days

It's not even 7am and I've been busy.So many things still to do, so many things to remember to do........
Today's list is written....

Yesterday was manic....changed sheets,did lots of washing,did the supermarket shop, bought the tree, delivered the village cards, and Mama arrived for Christmas(my lovely Mum).
In the afternoon there was a change of pace....a lovely quiet time decorating the tree and Mama and I made a wreath to put on the front door ...

It 's amazing what a bit of foliage from the garden, a few pine cones,some cinammon sticks and a bow knicked off an old Christmas present turns out may not be perfect but it's the first one I've made .....

So in the midst of so much to do...why am I sitting here in my jammies writing a blogpost? Well, everyone else is asleep....the prezzies that still need wrapping are in my bedroom and I don't want to wake my OH. Likewise I can't make the soup yet....curried parsip soup is an absolute favourite but even I can't stomach the smell before breakfast!

I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure - that's me this morning...I still haven't decided how I'm going to cook the turkey on Christmas Day.Mind you I only decided two days ago that it was going to be's not one of my favourite meats.....I'd flirted with the idea of a goose, a three bird roast....but no, we haven't had a turkey for turkey it is.

I definitely know what I'm cooking on Christmas Eve though...because it's a tradition every Christmas Eve...and we all love it. I'm talking gammon.....Nigella Lawson's gammon cooked in coke. Yes...the drink.It's absolutely delicious, succulent and very moreish !It has to be accompanied by a creamy, garlicky potato dauphinoise and roasted vegetables such as courgettes, peppers, mushrooms etc, oh and peas. That's the law.

The funny thing is I can't remember why we started having gammon on Christmas Eve...I know that all the children were tiny...but they demand it every year!

Likewise, there's one film that we have to watch every year at Christmas...and that's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Yes, we know all the lines, we know when the squirrel comes out of the tree and why Griswold says " Bend over and I'll show you"....but that's what makes it even funnier. And we do laugh a lot....

So do you have a traditional meal on Christmas Eve and what is it? What's the one Christmas film that you just HAVE to watch every year?

Right to go....places to go, people to see, and lots to do! Before I go though....this track always gets me in the daughter will be driving home later than usual for Christmas, but my oldest son will be driving home this morning...can't wait to see him at lunchtime....and yes, the curried parsnip soup is his favourite....

Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. We'll be having our Chrismas dinner on Christmas Eve... except that we have pork rather than turkey!
    Have a wonderful time, Bridget. Give my love to your mum.
    All festive cheer and love to all of you.

  2. As ever, I'm so impressed with your creative skills. That garland on the front door looks amazing and you're even making your own shortbread biscuits!! Have a fabulous Christmas and don't work toooo hard, will you ;-)

  3. I've been a bit arty-farty with the foliage this year :-) Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Nigel and me. xx