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Sunday, 8 January 2012

days of thinking and doing

New Year, new ways, new thoughts....there's so much to mull over isn't there?

After the hiatus which I hate (see last post) the New Year brings a breath of fresh air, there's new possibilities in that air and there's a chance to do things differently.A clean slate to write on ...

That's the theory - my mind is alive , thoughts are dancing....but the bodywork is lumbering sluggishly behind. I've got to get rid of that post Christmas slump and lumpy bits which seemed to arrive after the festive overeating.

But there's no new Years resolutions for me  girls and boys.Oh no....I've got previous...and don't want to set myself up to fail and feel sad when I break one (As I did last year and the year before!)

I will be taking on something new for the year though..a gardening and food challenge) which I 'll tell you about later....and I have given myself a talking to about what I would like to achieve this year. Sowing the seeds....

However, it's all very well  isn't it to make grand plans....they've got to get off the ground off first. So in that spirit, I've started sowing some other seeds 

Early I know - but I'm showing a little faith, having a little gamble if you like (inspired by @lialeendertz) ...and I want to make sure I'm going to have broad beans on the lottie earlier than ever.Well, they'll be living in the dining room first obviously - I mean, it's warm for this time of year, but not that warm. So my darling Giant Exhibitions.....I want you to do your very best.

I've  sown a few tomato seeds too ...they're on one of the windowsills in the kitchen which i will grow on in my plastic greenhouse which arrived on Christmas day courtesy of Mr thinking of the days.

And I've got so many rocket seeds, I'm trialing some under a cold frame in the garden.Risky, but I'm on a roll this weekend.

And now, with a heart full of good intentions ,

 I'm going out.....not on the road to hell, but to the allotment....

Are you growing anything early? Am I being a bit premature?
And today's track ?Well it's an incredible live version of Tears for Fears "Sowing the Seeds" .I've always adored  the song, but unfortunately have never seen them play live. Do sit and watch this- such a quality performance here backed by a full orchestra.It's quite set me up for the day.....


  1. Mr A hasn't sown any seeds yet but he has lined up the packets to show you. There's French beans, broad beans (better then any supermarket ones), peas, dwarf beans, salad leaves, cucumber, peppers, carrots, courgettes, basil, sweetcorn, tomatoes and celeriac.

    Now look what you've done. He's discovered that he CAN sow some now and has disappeared into the garden!

  2. Wow, you're good growing stuff already!

    I can't even seem to keep the herbs alive on my window sill (the amazing mystery herb has now passed on to the great garden in the sky)