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Friday, 13 January 2012

Days when you just have to take a photo

Anyone seeing me this morning at about half past eight at the end of the garden wearing pjamas, a cardigan and a pair of my husbands boots (well,  I couldn't find any of my shoes by the kitchen door) may have wondered what I was doing.

I was taking a few photographs.

I love looking at photographs - ones that others have taken that is. I marvel at the artistry, the way they have captured the light, the essence of a person, the quirky clever shots, the atmospheric mood.

I love my daughter's photos...she has an eye.Well luckily she's got two....but you know what  I mean. She knows instinctively what will make a great photo - she snaps away merrily and quickly then comes up with great shots.

I don't. I've always been utterly useless at capturing life through a lens. Honestly. My parents bought me a camera for my thirteenth birthday.Nothing fancy, just the bog standard camera from the time.

That week I went away on a school trip. These days schoolchildren bugger off to France , to Germany to Italy as a matter of course and more and more I know are suddenly jetting off to places like Australia and Canada. On  school trips!

Anyway, back to my school trip ...ooh the glamour, it was to Twycross Zoo. Yes, a zoo, not all that far away really either  even though it seemed as if we were travelling to distant lands back then. It did take ages, and my friend was sick at the back of the coach.

But I digress.The thing is, I took loads of photos with this new camera, and when , weeks later , they were all processed, I had endless shots of headless animals, wire fences, my fingers and the pavement. Not one decent photograph. I was mortified but my parents and brothers laughed their socks off .

And that's the story of my photographic career .Obviously I've taken pictures of my children and  my family over the years - even  amazingly  managing to keep their heads on in many ...but that's about it really.

 Since I got an i phone though I've been taking quick shots...which you've seen here on thinking of the days....but this morning, as I looked through the kitchen window, I felt I had to  capture what I was seeing.

So I found my daughter's old Samsung digital camera  in the drawer, rushed out in my pjamas to greet and photograph this morning from my garden......

And good morning to all of you too! What photos have you  been moved to take recently? Show me your view from your garden.....would love to see your photos..and get some tips of how to take a proper photo....

Today's song is "Pictures of You" by the Last Goodnight ....


  1. I'm pretty hopeless at framing a photograph too. I have a friend who does it naturally. She's tried to teach me but I'm obviously too old a dog now. I have just taken a photo of a box of rice for my today's blog post though.

  2. Ros, we're never too old to learn! Am hoping that I'll eventually pick up some tricks....

    Have never been inspired to photograph a box of rice though!!

  3. These are lovely - thank you. I've no tips - just snap away and some work and some don't. That's the joy of digital - no embarrassing pictures of your thumb, cos you can delete those before anyone sees them.