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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Days

The cottage is bursting at the seams .With people, presents and food. It's been great having all my children back here for Christmas  - the first time we've been all together for four years. And there's been one daughter's lovely boyfriend.

There's been lots of sitting around the kitchen table and the dining room table, talking ten to the dozen, laughing lots, eating greedily , and drinking our way through quite a few bottle of prosecco and Little Creatures Pale Ale, a beer all the way from Fremantle in Western Australia. Both drinks evoking sunshine and hot days....both nowhere to be seen in our northern hemisphere Christmas.

Instead we've cosied up indoors on sofas and chairs and Boo has entered into the spirit of the season ..but she wasn't sure about the reindeer ears....

Santa's hat was a hit was warm and cosy.....

And it seems as Boo has learnt to pose for the camera......"OK, this is my serious look....."

"Or perhaps you want a side shot? Ok this cute enough?"

But with all the excitement, all the laughs, noise and brouhaha of her first Christmas,  it was all too much for my little doggie diva

I hope you all had a good Christmas too.....



  1. I can't tell you how many pics I've taken over the last 36 hours of Boris and Poppy Bumface trying to evade a Santa hat! xx

  2. Ha ha! Actually, Boo didn't like the ears hence her slightly woeful look, but the santa hat? A different story...she just sat there and posed!Happy Christmas!

  3. Boo might not be too impressed, but you've made everyone else smile!

  4. Oh good!I think she liked the cosiness of the santa hat..but as soon as she started walking around in it, it fell off!
    When do you start your travels?