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Sunday, 22 September 2013

a day of beauty

I've heard the word "beautiful" used to describe everything from a dress to  a pint of lager in the last week. 

I haven't heard the word "beauty" so often though. So what is beauty? I know it's in the eye of the beholder....but it's defined as a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight, or a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

And last Thursday I was surrounded by real beauty in such different forms.

Early that evening I'd been invited to the launch of the flower festival at Leicester Cathedral. This year's theme was the motto of King Richard III .."Loyalty Binds Me"

 Now, I have a very soft spot for the cathedral...I work about sixty paces away, I've spent much time there, but have never seen a  flower festival there.

In fact, I've never really appreciated or "got" a flower festival before. I prefer to see flowers growing gardens, in parks, in the countryside. Or if they must be inside, I like them  arranged naturally, artlessly in a jug, not dressed up to kill in  contrived designs.

But beauty was all around the cathedral lit up at twilight, with the glow of the patina of polished pews in the candlelight, and flowers everywhere.

There was beauty of the flowers themselves, beauty in the creation of the displays, and such clever interpretations of Richard's motto.

It really was fascinating walking around the cathedral, admiring the regal and moving displays. Richard Buckley, the Director of the University of Leicester archaeological services was guest of honour ad the whole event seemed like a marker for a much more historic event which hopefully will take place next year, when Richard III is interred here.

But it was then on to watch the incredibly talented Kathryn Williams who was appearing at the Musician in Leicester. There was real beauty in her amazingly pure voice which effortlessly and quickly steals my heart again every time I see her perform.

There's beauty to admire in her clever lyrics of love, loss and everyday connumdrums which are so pleasingly partnered with just the right chords.

And I 'm moved by the beauty of the cello playing and arrangements of Ben Trigg...which complement Kathryn's vocals so well, as they performed old favourites such as Jasmine Hoop and Soul to Feet, as well as new songs from her new album "Crown Electric " which is released on 30th September.

So, what a brilliant night, being surprisingly beguiled by beauty all around.

Which means today's track has to be by Kathryn Williams doesn't it? This is the video for her latest single "Heart Shaped Stone"......please watch right until the ending....which made me laugh in sheer delight...


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