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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Quiet days

Until the New Year, I'm going to be very busy work wise. I' m starting a new which will last three months, mean lots of extra work and I'm sure it's going to be very emotional. I can't wait!

Next weekend will be busy at home, with friends and relatives staying and a big meal planned ,then  three days later I'm going on an action packed trip to Belgium. So this weekend, I promised myself a quiet weekend at rabble rousing or staying up all hours, oh no.

And I've kept my promise -just quiet days in the countryside making the most of these, warm, sunshiney days which are left this year. They seem so very precious.

Early Friday evening, Boo and I walked went for a hour long walk up a dusty track

To one of Farmer Phil's fields....And while Boo sniffed out the hedgerow, I took these snapshots, anxious to preserve these beautiful moments...

And how pretty the pastel wrapped bales look....

As I looked over the fields,  I was struck by the horrible thought that within another eight to ten weeks, it will pitch dark and cold by this time of day.

I spent the whole of Saturday in the garden ....pruning, hacking and slashing  at the wild undergrowth, and yanking out weeds with relish. The brambles fought back mind you, and I smelt of eau de TCP as I dabbed away at the scratches. This was only round one in the current battle to stop the garden looking like I was on the film set of The Day of The Triffids.

 At least one corner of the garden has been slightly trimmed, if not tamed.

So,  lots of work to be done over the coming months in the garden, but by yesterday evening I could do no more, and it was time to sit out in front of the ha ha with a glass of wine, and Boo sitting at my feet.

 It was about six thirty ish,  the temperature began to drop, but we sat for another quarter of an hour, drinking in both the view and another glass of wine. Well , at least I did...

There's lots more to do though....this garden looks fine from a  distance...if you get too close, you see weeds, plants that have no right to be where they are....they've just seeded themselves where they please, thank you very much.

And today has been another beautiful day spent in the garden, pottering, picking blackberries and enjoying some quiet, solitary time. I suppose I should go back into the kitchen and get a groove on with the Sunday roast. But the sun is still out, and there's some more sitting out quietly in the sunshine to be done....making the most of it before the winter steals it away....

Today's track is by the wonderful John Butler Trio's called "Better than"....
It's from the " Grand National " album which came out in 2007, which formed part of the soundtrack to my first trip to Western Australia.....and I only have to listen to this to be transported back to vivid blue skies, all year round outdoor living and having fun with my son and daughter....



  1. What lovely pictures - and a lovely peaceful day. I hope it set you up for the mayhem to come.

    1. oh it was a lovely weekend thanks Jo....but now the madness begins! But although I was busy pottering, just to satay at home for two days, not get in the car, nip to the shops, or have anything arranged was absolutely divine....

  2. You live in such a lovely part of the country,lovely photos. Hope you enjoyed the peace.

  3. Glad you like them lucky to live where we do....and yes, it was extremely peaceful.Just as well, it's been very busy so far this week....