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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Days of thinking ahead....

A frosty morning and now a foggy afternoon.

The weather is mirroring how I feel....full of cold, and woolly headed . I've got a real head cold with a scratchy sore throat and my ribs ache when I cough. Just the sort of time to sit by the fire and doze.

Boo and Eric have decided to join me....and are being very quiet and calm as if they know I'm not well.

In fact the silence is perfect, just the lick, spit and crack of the fire can be heard as I re read Anna
Pavord's excellent book, The Curious Gardener . Originally published in 2010, I've not looked at it again for a while. The lively, engaging pieces chronicling the gardening year have me smiling and nodding, and they're mercifully short which is just what you need when your head is feeling as thick and heavy as a huge felled log.

Of course my thoughts are now darting, or perhaps sluggishly meandering+ to what I shall plant this year, plus the huge amount of work to be done on the allotment. I'm also thinking about the New Year resolutions I am refusing to make this year.

You can learn so much from gardening, and every year there's the chance to start again, to sow and plant, to try something new and to learn from last year's mistakes.

And in my utility room next to the old scales and the seed tins,  I have this sampler, which I bought a few years back....

with the words taken from a poem from the American writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Those words may be seem somewhat trite, but I reckon, that with kind hearts, thoughts ,deeds and words, then 2015 could be a lovely year . As soon as I get rid of this cold of course.....


  1. Get well soon. Glad the dogs are being considerate and I love that analogy of the garden with life except that you can't dig up all the mistakes you made last year and put them onto the compost pile. Mine would be far too high to reach the top if I did!!

  2. Thanks Ros....and you're being too hard on yourself!

  3. Poor you! But it is lovely to have a real fire to curl up in front of. The flames tell their own story I always think and that book looks tempting. I shall put it on my 'to read' list. Get well soon.

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  5. Thanks Alex !That's a good line...the flames tell their own story....

    I'll lend you a copy of the book btw