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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Days of planes, trains and boats

I've been away for a while..for  twenty three days to be precise. In the middle of January, on a cold and rainy winter's night, I escaped  to a beautiful country thousands of miles away. To a country I first came to last year,  a land I've learned to love...Thailand.

Mr Thinking of the Days and I have not been just lazing around on a beach for all of this time far, we've taken three flights in different sizes of planes, three ferry rides from Koh Samui to Kho Phangan, from there to Koh Tao, and then onto the mainland at Chumpon.

We came on the train from Chumpon to where we are now - on Suanlong  beach near Bangsaphan. And along the way , we've used so many tuks tuks to count, we've spent a day on an old Chinese junk, and yesterday we hired a speedboat to visit the small island of Koh Talou to go snorkelling.

There have been so many nice people and beautiful  places on this journey with so
many stories to tell. In the meantime, there's just one more train trip, a long coach ride and two plane journeys to go.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday, Bridget. The picture wouldn't open on my computer. It could just be me.

  2. Yes ... Having a great time! I don't know why either re the was of the lovely little speedboat!