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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Evenings in Summer

So it's official, according to the newspapers. We have a heatwave...all five days of it. And today, on the Summer Solstice, is going to be the hottest of all - it's already 33 degrees.

For those of you living in Southern Europe, many parts of the USA, Australia and New Zealand, you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about. The late 20s for you  is nothing, but for us here , it's hot!

I'm not complaining though, I'm embracing it! Because the best part of a heatwave, is being able to sit outside,  eat al fresco  on consecutive  June evenings, revelling in those extra hours of daylight until nearly ten o' clock. And we have to make the most of it, because the chance to do it doesn't happen all that often here. All too often, it's so cold or it's raining to make the most of the summer evenings.

On Saturday after supper in the garden , I sat outside with the broadsheets and a glass of wine, relishing the view, and the warmth. In the next village down the hill, there was a party in an open field. The sounds of music drifted up the hill and I could hear laughter from at least four fields away.

On Sunday we were up in the Yorkshire Dales for a very enjoyable family gathering, and at  six o' clock we were still so replete after a huge outdoor feast, and the heat was still so intense. We went for a stroll around the village to admire the local church and admire the mosaics in the dim, cool calm inside.

My sister in law Mandy  says attending church there in winter is like praying in a ice box, but on Sunday evening it was rather lovely.

On Monday night , I sat in the garden again until dusk. It was so silent, so still, all I could hear were the house sparrows who've built their nest here . The scent of the honeysuckle was competing with the fragrance of lime flowers in the courtyard. it was so intoxicating. As I pottered around doing the last bit of watering the plants, I thought how blissful it was.

Last night, we were just outside our village with friends. "Come for a drink and nibbles around seven  "Jay and Caroline had said....

As you can see they have the most wonderful garden

Beer for the boys, prosecco of course for Caroline and I.

We sat in their orchard with apple, pear, cherry and mulberry trees...

There's one thing I can never resist (apart from prosecco) is a Caroline and I walked down to the lawn below leaving the menfolk nattering

I had a lovely time on the swing and we did have a giggle

We made our way back to the house for more prosecco and nibbles...

When Caroline said nibbles,...she lied, it was two full mezze boards and we sat eating, drinking and laughing as dusk turned to darkness and then we realised the time...nearly midnight. Time to go, after such a lovely evening.

So tonight, the night of Summer Solstice, I know where I will be as soon as I've finished work. In the garden, so grateful for summer evenings like these....and the memories of them will be something to cherish during the dark, cold winter months.



  1. That looks lovely, Bridget. It's so hot here that we've taken to sleeping on the balcony, which works perfectly until the cat climbs up the wisteria to join us!

  2. That's hilarious Pippa...would love to se a photo of you three sleeping on the balcony! Because our roof is thatched, the bedroom and sitting room are fairly cool, well in comparison to every where else...but tonight is really really muggy....