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Sunday, 4 June 2017

#mygardenrightnow for Chelsea Fringe

"What a good idea" I thought when Michelle at Veg Plotting announced this weekend would be a special digital gardening  event  #mygardenrightnow for  Chelsea Fringe.

And here am I skidding in at the last moment to be part of it. I feel this digital gardening event couldn't come at a better time to appreciate the beauty on our doorsteps, to revel in the wonderful colours and plants in our gardens, and to be inspired by other gardeners' creativity.

I know I've been sitting in my garden today, relishing the peace, as I think of what happened in Manchester on 22nd May and in London last night.

I live in a tiny hamlet far away from city life and mine is a county cottage garden,backing onto fields.

Star of the show in my garden is June is this spirea arguta (bridal wreath) ...

On the right hand side of the garden is a long, long four foot wide raised bed, beside the right hand border

There's redcurrants, whitecurrants, gooseberries, broad beans, peas, rocket, chives, rosemary , oregano, and sage...

And a clump of irises which were put there to overwinter about four years ago with some dironicums. A temporary measure only, but four years later they are still there....

Closer to the cottage is the old privy...which I'm pleased to say has not been put to its original use for many many years!

On the left hand side of the garden, there's a sweeping border with an apple tree, roses, hebes, rue, holly and honeysuckle....

Close by is the old cattle trough filled with strawberries

Above, still dominating the lawn is what remains of our old ash tree, a hundred and forty year old ash tree which was irreparably damaged by Storm Doris, which has now been taken over by my lovely terrier Eric and his Mum Boo who use it as a lookout post.

At the end of the garden is the old broken down piggery which I use as  a composting bay, but which is terribly overgrown at the moment with brambles and comfrey

And there's nettles and comfrey too growing like hell in the ha ha.

And back by the cottage, there's a wildlife area, with the last of the bluebells and forget me nots, geraniums , lavender, thistles and poppies. There's also this wiegelia, oh and me.

I've really enjoyed having a nose around everyone's gardens this weekend, so thank you Michelle for allowing us this lovely breathing space in a world gone mad.


  1. Hi Bridget, it's been grand to have a walk around your garden with you :) I woke up to yesterday's news and thought #mygardenrightnow was a good antidote to the horrors we were seeing. Once again gardening proves to be the answer.

    I'm blown away by everyone's contributions this weekend.

    1. Well, well done you for coming up with the's been lovely seeing real gardens all at the same time of the year and admiring them.