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Sunday, 5 February 2012

A day of snow and birds

It snowed yesterday - about five inches worth, and it's still lying deep and crisp  and even today. I wanted to capture the garden and whoops, fell over, clicked the camera at the same time and this is  how it turned out.

I've told you before how I've never been a good photographer! The reputations of Margaret Bourke White and Annie Leibovitz  have nothing to fear from me,but I actually quite like this.  I suppose it has a certain wonky appeal....


This time last week, it was a very grey, heavy skied afternoon. I was in the kitchen listenening to Gardeners Question Time on Radio 4 and taking part in the RSPB (the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds) survey. Like thousands of others around the country I was recording what birds came into the garden for an hour and then posting the results online.

Bird books and binoculars are always by my kitchen window.I wish I was one of these wonderful people who can identify any bird at about 50 metres, but I'm not. Unfortunately my bird watching skills are on the same level as my photography skills.

It was interesting though if not quiet.We normally get quite a lot of birds here as there's quite a few feeding stations around the garden. fat balls, seeds, name it....they fly in for free food.
But last Sunday, as I say, it was quiet. I still managed to record blackbirds,great tits, dunnocks,sparrows,piedwag tail, doves,wood pigeons,robins,chaffinches and blue tits though.

But today, it's been busier than Heathrow Airport. Flights might have been postponed there but birds were flying in every few seconds from every direction, they were obviously starving.You can just about see one on the feeding station on the right, enjoying the potato skins which I boiled up, mashed and put out.

It was good to go out into the snow for a quick walk and to see what the road through the village was looking like. I'm supposed to reading late night news bulletins tomorrow if I get there.....

But tomorrow is another day, and it was far too cold to stay out for long.So I'm back home, in the best possible place to be......


Today's track from the  Byrds.Always a favourite song of mine, I only saw this piece  of video for the first time about three weeks ago..There is a season for everything...including snow


  1. I love that woops photo! Of course you couldn't do it again if you tried. I hope you're not too bruised!

  2. I thought you meant to produce a photograph from an interesting angle. I really like it. I also did the RSPB Bird Count and although I regularly see quite a variety of birds in the garden, things were eerily quiet during that hour. Maybe they know and they're trying to distort the figures.

  3. I like the photo too! Unforunately we don't get a variety of birds in our garden I would love to see something different

  4. Hi Pippa, Ros and Cas,

    I'm so pleased you like the photo...I love it!And no human was injured during the shooting of that photo!
    What sort of birds do you get then Cam?
    Loved your comment Ros anbout the wily birds trying to distort the figures!

  5. That's a great photo. sorry you fell over, but well done.

    1. Thanks Deb..adn I'mk so pleased you found the blog....i've jsut been on yours....loving your work!