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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake day!

SO yesterday was Shrove Tuesday - traditionally the day before Lent starts. A day to cleanse the soul, a day of penitence, a day of shriving.

A day of feasting before Lent too....feasting on pancakes.

That's the part that our village takes seriously...eating pancakes. For many years now, most villagers have got together on this day and have a party. A pancake party where lots of pancakes are made by the more able cooks here, and people from the next village come along too and bring the puddings.

Over the years it's been held at different houses  at John and Annie's, Chris and Vonnie's,  but for the last few years Rob and Georgina have bravely thrown open their home to about 70 people who are there to eat, drink  and socialise.

Jules is the mastermind behind the pancake making junta .Capable, unflappable, expertly flipping one  after another.

There's normally a varietry of different flavours to choose from -

 beef and tomato smothered in a tomato sauce,

 ham,leek and cheese pancakes in a creamy cheesy sauce and veggie ones too.

It's amazing how many we all manage to eat. I think the village record  is 11 pancakes...and that record's been held by Jane for quite a few years. (You wouldn't think she could eat them all -she's lovely and slim!)

And then there were the puddings: fruit, lemon, sugar and cream toppings for sweet pancakes, a crumble, several cheesecakes, a huge pavlova, a chocolate torte ,a roulade and angel delight.

 And of course to wash all the food down there was plenty of wine and water...

Of course the pancake party isn't just about feasting before lent - it's a fundraiser for the two churches ,one in our village , the other a couple of miles away. So that means a raffle,and with so many endless bottles and a few unwanted Christamss prezzies as prizes ,it takes ages .

The end of the raffle is the signal to say thanks to Jules and her team of stalwarts , to Rob and Georgina, to say thanks for the feasting...and after a brisk walk up the lane, home to think quietly about cleansing the soul.

And for a spot of penitence - about abandoning my local food rules challenge so comprehensively for the evening!

Meanwhile, some music.From Jack Johnson.If ever I'm feeling out of sorts, his smooth laid back songs always make me feel better.....

I give you...a lovely accoustic version of Banana Pancakes .....with Ben Harper on slide...


  1. Those look delicious! I made a batch for myself and the hubby yesterday and we gorged ourselves around lunchtime. But we didn't have nearly the variety as you though...yum yum

  2. Oh dear, and there was me thinking you'd made them yourself with all your lovely locally ground flour etc. Never mind. In the spirit of Shrove Tuesday you got rid of all the bad and now I trust you'll be taking control of your eating ready for Lent. Right?

  3. Right Ros! OOh,can't you tell you were a schoolteacher in a previous life? Yes Miss, I'm still on track with local food rules! It's amazing how I'm sticking to it...but obviously I couldn't go to the pancake making ladies of the village and demand everything came from leicestershire and Rutland!

    Hi Tanya....yes we were rather spoilt with the choice! I'm not gereat at making my own pancakes I have to say...but I will try and make some next week.