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Saturday, 11 February 2012

days of feeling cold

Cold, cold, cold. Yes, it is....last night temperatures went down to minus 15 celsius.This morning, it's still minus 6 at nearly 11am.

The heating is on, I'm dressed in layers and am even wearing a scarf indoors.That's what I call cold.

Mind you, it's pretty out there.....look....

But I'm not going anywhere today. I shall pop outside to feed the birds, but that's it.I'm definitely not driving anywhere...we live on top of a's half a mile downhill and there's only one passing place for another car. You just have to drive down in second gear...and coming up, you just pray another car isn't coming down quickly!

But I'm staying in.And you know what are my two constant companions are at the moment.? Two faithful little friends which I can't do without at night?

I don't have to say's sad....but these old hotties are rocking my world  right now....

and so is this.....Mama's blanket. My mum knitted it for me  and I love it - such a perfect, practical present which has been used and used.It's over my knees at this very moment...

So a quiet weekend in store with lots of writing to do....and perhaps a snooze this afternoon by the fire.

Meanwhile I've had this song swirling around my head all if you like some retro Little it's is "Cold, cold,cold"


  1. Love that view. I didn't know you had to pray when driving back from your place. Hah! So that's where I went wrong. I love hotties but someone once bought me a hippo shaped one and it just didn't work. The heat wouldn't spread through his enormous head!! I've got a mega-magic one at the moment that keeps its heat til 5 am-ish. The blanket looks very useful. I could do with one like that myself even though I live in the 'hot' city. *shivers*

  2. Oh that blanket - we should all have mothers who knit like that!

  3. Hi Ros and Jo,

    Yes i'm very lucky having that blanket! I kid you not, I use it all the time - over my knees yesterday at the computer desk, around the shoulders...
    Not very rock and roll but I like it!
    And Ros, you have to get another hottie...